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Humanity's Hairball

My hair is capricious and strange. Two days ago, strands were sticking out on the left, then to-day, those bits were behaving, but now there's a tab-like clump holding out its hand for rain on the right side. I suppose these are the consequences of cutting my own hair. Mixed in with not sleeping on a consistent side.

I dreamt about feeding my aunt's cats last night. Even Olivia, who's been dead for a couple years. I'd had a dream about just Lucky, then one about just Victoria, and I had a strange feeling that Victoria was there just to check up on me, like she didn't exactly need me, but knew I kind of needed her.

And now, I've found a note on the door from my grandmother, reminding me not to let my aunt into the house. What the fuck? What is so funny about peace, love, and understanding, I mean, really?

Well, I think I'll jump into my project now. I've been trying to work out a solution to something for a couple of days, and I'm kind of giddy about my suspicion that the answer I'm about to come up with is going to be really, really silly.
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