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Beatles and Babes

I downloaded every Beatles album ever yesterday. All of 'em. Every studio album, every collection, every live album. In just over three hours. Torrents are truly marvellous. I'm currently listening to all the studio albums in order of their U.K. releases.

I also downloaded two episodes of the original Dirty Pair series. I never get tired of this opening;

But the two episodes, seven and eight, weren't the best of the series, particularly not in terms of animation. Still, episode seven was fun for taking a Twilight Zone plot and adding layers of sex comedy; a chained groom is kidnapped by a beautiful woman during his wedding, and the groom's father hires Kei and Yuri (the Lovely Angels, aka the Dirty Pair) to deliver the ransom money and retrieve his son. But, as it turns out, the groom and his kidnapper are in love with each other, a love only rivalled by their mutual love for hamburgers, prompting a brief musical number where the two sing of their love for the food.

The episode ends with the kidnapper being shot into space in stasis, and the guy following in another rocket so he'll be the same age as her when she comes back. And then the father follows, too, and the father's mistress follows him . . . And on top of all that, the episode manages to convey a positive message about transgenders, which was rather surprising for a fairly light-weight anime series made in 1985.

Well, it's time to get where I'm going, Magnifique. Va, va, va!

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