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When the Momeraths Outgrabe

I broke down to-day and finally purchased Aimee Mann's new album. And it was exactly as I thought it would be--pretty good. Excellent, insightful lyrics, pleasant melodies from innovatively employed instruments, and at the same time not half as wonderful as her I'm With Stupid album. How I do worship that album.

It did come with a free single as well as a comic book for merely 14 dollars, so it was a good deal at any rate, which was what inspired me to buy it instead of a Tom Waits album (well, that and the fact that my coin toss favoured Mann).

Looks like I might finally also break down and buy the Annotated Alice to-morrow, as it looks like it shall prove useful in my British Literature class. I'm gonna get to do a class presentation on Jabberwocky! Is that not the coolest?!

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
All mimsy were the borogroves
And the momeraths outgrabe

--That was from memory, people. I can verily live and breathe Lewis Carroll, oh, you bet your boots I can! (sure, I've not read Sylvie and Bruno, but essentially . . .)

I came to the realisation to-day that some of the jealously I've felt towards some of Trisa's suitors has to do with a feeling of protectiveness I feel towards her.

She's had such bad luck.

And reading Arucard's journal earlier, and thinking about what a cool guy he is, it made me reflect on the preponderance of incredibly stupid and obnoxious guys there are out there.

And telling this to Trisa, it came to me that there are a lot of girls out there who are assholes too. Which brought me to realise that I basically hate people.

So then! I want to protect Trisa from the world. I have this stupid idea that if I could be near her 24/7, I could somehow infect her with the good fortune that her experiences have made apparent to me has permeated my life.

Blah. I dunno. Maybe she's already long gone, like Laura Palmer, "a turkey in the corn,"
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