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My Good Bloody Flag!

---Setsuled lifts an enormous metal ball bearing, wrapping his arms about it, struggling like a miniature Atlas as he leans back to allow the massive weight to shift to a more overhead position just before he---

As we near the anniversary of the September 11 attacks . . .

---drops it. It hits the steel chute with a terrific 'clang' and actually bounces, and bounces again, creating a series of clangs, each only slightly less terrific than the last, until finally settling into a wobbling roll, emitting an offensive 'screech' sound---

. . . I would like to take this opportunity to rant again about how much I hate patriotism.

The concept of purporting your team to be better or more special than the other. The concept of wasting perfectly good time in worship to a red, white, and blue ikon.

I say this, I know, as we are on Captain Power's Orange Alert (or so my decoder ring informs me) and under the possibility of eminent terrorist attack. And I say this especially in the face of the September 11 anniversary. Essentially because It's patriotism that perverted the truly valuable things we learned about ourselves as a species--that as humans, we can band together in a horrible crisis, that we really do have basic feelings of brotherhood/sisterhood, and that when people fall into the overzealous worship of an abstract entity having nothing specific to do with the welfare of humanity, monstrous things can occur.

Instead of taking these lessons to heart for what they are, a dismayingly large group of humanity felt it was important to call those mysterious, wonderful, humane emotions "patriotism" instead of giving it the more cumbersome title of "humane sensitivity and noble, heartfelt motives".

So it was that simply displaying representations of the U.S. flag became the most one needed to do to fulfil their responsibilities as a human being. And sentiments seemed to be smug and pleased that those bastards can't stop us from driving our SUVs, because being big and obnoxious is the American way and that ain't ever gonna die damn it!

The Things That Are Actually Happening are to an astonishing degree overlooked because all of the alarm emotions have been transmuted to an alternate plain of existence, to the Great U.S. vs Terrorism Football Game in the Sky.

How is it that a President, who's spent such a shocking amount of his term on vacation, particularly during a time of war, maintains such a high approval rating? Why, because he's our figurehead damnit. If you hate him, well, huh, gee, why don't you just spit on the flag? Which, as we all know is a worse thing than killing. You'd have to kill twelve people to equal the moral degeneracy in one loogie at Old Glory.

For my Views of Death and Dying in Literature class, I've been reading a great deal about how far back the concepts of competitions within early human societies, and the drawing of boundary lines actually goes. It makes one wonder if a better world is truly possible . . . if we haven't hardwired ourselves . . .
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