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The More You Tighten Your Grip, Tarkin, the More Bedrooms Will Slip Through Your Fingers

Here's Elvis Costello's Imperial Bedroom for hernewshoes (and for anyone else who wants it).

1. Beyond Belief
2. Tears Before Bedtime
3. Shabby Doll
4. The Long Honeymoon
5. Man Out of Time
6. Almost Blue
7. . . . And In Every Home
8. The Loved Ones
9. Human Hands
10. Kid About It
11. Little Savage
12. Boy with a Problem
13. Pidgin English
14. You Little Fool
15. Town Cryer

As a bonus, here's a nice version of "Shabby Doll" I came across featuring Fiona Apple;

Elsewhere in the music world, I've been following in Jim Emerson's blog the ongoing saga of the Once DVD cover's crapification. The latest post on the subject features quotes from Glen Hansard (one of the film's stars) ranting about it at Pitchfork. The Emerson blog has the photo comparison, though, where you can see the hilarious, seximus maximus thunder thighs someone apparently thought Hansard needed for the DVD to sell.

Hansard takes a moment to give justified props to Criterion DVD art; "It's the opposite of what someone like Criterion would do. They create wonderful art. With a Criterion DVD, you just want to buy it for the box. They do it right."

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