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Defiance and the time

The club foot. To-day in class, we had a guess speaker give a miniature lecture on Kierkegaard.

The speaker seemed an intelligent, very well read man, and the lecture was fascinating . . . but that's not what I'm posting to talk about.

The reason I'm posting, in spite of being truly too tired to write anything, is that something most peculiar occurred during the lecture that I must record . . .

. . . I felt a very sharp, very striking deja vu. When the man, in discussing Kierkegaard’s "defiance" form of despair, used the example of a man with a club foot, using his club foot as an excuse to forever shake his fist at God for giving him an inadequate body . . . I seemed to remember having been sitting in that seat, hearing the same man say the same things, in the same time.

And here's the strange part--I was overcome with a need to commit this moment to memory, this scene of him illustrating that particular portion of the idea at that moment.

Was it trans-dimensional communication? If so, to what end?

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