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It's Not a Race

Just woke up moments ago--I think I'll write down my dream.

I was in some kind of hilly, greenish area, at a high altitude with a lot of complicated roads, sort of resembling Princess Toadstool's course from Mario Kart 64. I was talking with a stern, female impresario who wanted me to be Claire Danes' understudy in a ballet. Claire Danes didn't really know how to dance, which made me perfect, apparently, because not only did I not know how to dance, I looked nothing like Claire Danes. I started to stress a little about being in shape.

But I was distracted because, nearby, on an enormous drive-in screen, a strange version of Pulp Fiction was playing. Jules was wearing his suit and was in a diner booth with Tom Roth's character, "Ringo". Jules was talking excitedly about something, and he had an English accent for some reason.

The impresario was done with me, so I wandered until I came across a pond. I looked at my reflection and asked, "How could I possibly be Claire Danes' understudy?" Then, behind me, I heard muffled, high pitched chanting. I turned around, and there was a row of wooden, Japanese dolls, held up by a single rope drawn between two hills. Above was an enormous, ancient stone bridge. There were red paper lanterns, and a slightly smaller screen than the one I saw earlier, but it was showing the odd Pulp Fiction in its proper aspect ratio (unlike the other screen I saw). It was a close up of Jules' face, and he was trying to explain something that was really important to him.

Without seeing him, I knew somehow that the proprietor of this, er, nook, was an old man to whom movies were extremely important.

Then I woke up.
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