Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Who is Aimee Mann?

Slept until four to-day, which I think is a bit late. I'm not sure what time I got to sleep. 6:30 or so, I think.

I've been settled into a pretty consistent schedule lately, and it kind of bugs me. I work on my project until 2 or 2:30, then I play Knights of the Old Republic, or, now, Knights of the Old Republic II while drinking (gin last night. The first drink I had in a couple days, though). At 4am, I eat dinner while watching something, last night it was the last hour or so of Out of the Past. And then I intend to go to sleep, but I usually spend about an hour looking at YouTube videos. Like;

I'm a big fan of Red Vines lately, myself, though I prefer the black ones. It's ridiculous how much better they are than Twizzlers. It's like the difference between absinthe and Tang.

This was apparently just uploaded yesterday;

In Knights of the Old Republic II last night, someone actually said "downloaded" when they meant "uploaded". And it was a computer that said it. Boy, it was lucky I didn't have an ion canon ready.

I love how the ion bolts are blue like in X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Yeesh, I miss TIE Fighter.

Anyway, I actually got quite a lot done yesterday. Four hundred eighty something words on the history thing, and I made headway on the character profiles for the actual comic. I've been thinking about them for so long, I figured it was time I wrote something down. Five characters, two boys, three girls. Trying to stay patient . . . But I've gone from rewriting the first chapter in my head to writing the first three chapters in my head.
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