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Any Excuse to Post Morrissey

For some reason, Morrissey's voice in live performances from 1999 to about 2001 doesn't sound as good as it does before or after. I think this 2004 performance of "Irish Blood, English Heart" is my favourite;

Though, this is one case where the studio recording is better than any of the live performances.

The most fascinating thing about looking through all these videos, though, is seeing Irish versus English arguments in the comments;

rnrbishop: "Why feel shame? Every country has its past and plenty of other countries have done far worse to others and to themselves.

Be proud to be a citizen of a country that has had a massive social, political and technological impact on the world. If anything our greatest gift to the world is our language which helps all nations to communicate with eachother.

Despite the skeletons in our closet I feel England has largely been a positive influence even if our motives were sometimes misguided."

cal8976: "thats very touching

you gimp"

For the Jools Holland performance;

richieakasopp: "kamelion yr an example of pure britis ignorance dont think the irish went 2 england 2 work 4 da brits cause we liked u its a thing called recession nd we dont have a choice and superior???sorry mate we did have a little thing called the famine 2 contend with!!stupid english cunt"

bolemburner: "you my freind are a bit of a twat.... because both of his parents were irish and he was conceived in ireland and they moved here like a month before his birth so he in himself is effectivly irish so i think he probably knows that....

Even this Final Fantasy X fanvid someone made featuring the song (no idea how it relates) has;

Fluffypear: "*is bored and browsing* You still sound Irish..."
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