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mellawyrden's recent post about a ghost reminded me of something in the first part of this video. The latter portion of the video deals with issues with American animation I've discussed before (twice, now). Here we see that the bulk of the animation work was already being outsourced to Japan in 1989, when this video was made. But unlike most shows to-day, we see that this American director actually commuted to Japan on a regular basis and had a working relationship with the Japanese director. The world would be a better place if more American series directors didn't seem to regard Japanese animation studios as sweatshops for cyborgs. Animators are artists and oughta be treated that way.

Featured also is a rather frisky host who seems a bit like an eight year-old on a sugar high in the body of Wolf Blitzer. Yes, this one video addresses all these issues and possibly more. Enjoy!

See yas after the strike, folks!
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