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On Good Friday, the Rabbits Attack

Well. I managed to keep myself away from lj for twenty four hours, and I come back to see that what few people were actually supposed to participate in the strike weren't all that observant--(er, apparently a post by hernewshoes showed up on my friends list long after she'd posted it. Sorry, Moi). Since when did I become the paragon of self-control in my community? Something's not right. Hmm.

I had an interesting dream last night. It played mostly like a movie I was watching--at night, a guy drives in a white flatbed truck to a house in a regular suburban neighbourhood. Julia Ormond answers the door, I think she's her character from INLAND EMPIRE*. The guy's wife thinks he's cheating on her, and he tells Ormond all about it, unburdening himself. Ormond listens patiently and offers comforting words.

Then, Ormond starts talking about her own problems; apparently her husband had been some kind of interdimensional traveller, and, before he'd died, he'd left all sorts of possessed objects and goblins in their garage. The guy listens intently to Ormond, but doesn't seem to have much to say. Finally, it's time for him to go. Ormond sees him off at the door, and when he walks around to the passenger side of his truck, his wife springs from some hiding place and stabs him to death with a butcher knife.

Ormond comes back out of the house, like she's just remembered something else she needed to tell the guy. She's half singing, half humming some kind of ballad-like song about wives, and stops when she's shocked by the sight of the guy's wife standing over his bloody body. Ormond turns into a massive, green, oozing creature and kills the woman, and proceeds to go on a murderous rampage.

A new scene begins, and I'm standing at the end of a metal pier on a foggy morning wearing a trench coat and brown fedora. I'm thinking about what other monsters lurk in Julia Ormond's garage and I'm looking at a square area of water that's been partitioned off with walls floating on buoys. Inside, I know there's an invisible film crew working on a Steven Spielberg monster movie.

After a while, Joe Pantoliano, dressed in a blue windbreaker and a lavender knit cap, approaches my pier on a small motor boat. "You can't be here," he says. "Mr. Spielberg made it very clear he doesn't want anyone near his monster movie."

"Okay, I'm going," I say, but just then, a wind takes my hat and drops it in the water.

"Don't worry!" says Pantoliano. "My dog'll get it for you."

"Er, that's okay," I say, picturing the teeth marks that'd make the hat ruined anyway. But the extremely happy looking golden retriever's already leaping into the water and before long he's paddling up to me with the hat in his jaws.

"Thanks," I say, and then I woke up.

I spent loads of time in Second Life again last night. Here're some pictures of some of what I've acquired recently. Aside from the Fashion Fair, this blog's been really useful for finding quality items lately.

This is probably the most normal Toubanua will ever look. The hair and shirt are actually both freebies; the hair comes from a Japanese designer called Sugarcube who actually has a tonne of amazing freebies, especially if you're a newbie, including decent skin, walking animation, and shoes. The shirt came in a pack with several versions in different colours from a designer called Sey.

Here's Toubanua in Krakow, wearing the black version of the free Sey shirt. The hair I bought from a Japanese designer called Seu--it's extremely well made. Flexi (which means it moves like hair), and it doesn't poke through her stomach with certain movements like lots of long flexi hair does.

Krakow'd been pretty empty on my previous visits, but it was really crowded last night for some reason.

A better shot of the same outfit in a more secluded location--or so I thought, until a guy in sporty orange shirt flew up to me. Female avs never seem to want for attention in Second Life, which is sort of amazing when you consider there seems to be around thirty females for every male. Though most of the female avatars look sort of like the same malnourished woman with a massive caboose and a tutu.

The corduroy pants, by the way, were purchased from a designer called Celestial and the boots are from--ack, can't remember the name. I think it's Metreiya.

Scary skinless cow!

The dress is from ICING in a really amazing shopping area called Mischief. I don't remember where I got the shoes, and the hair is one I picked up ages ago and also don't remember from where. The stockings are part of the Bossa Nova rosalie underwear set Toubanua's wearing in the first picture (also the stockings of the aforementioned keen seam).

This picture was taken at Capital Hill, a place meant for discussing American politics. Only one other person was there, a guy with an "Obama supporter" group tag who studiously ignored me. I wanted to get pictures of this outfit in some vaguely Spanish setting, but the Spain I teleported to was crowded with people speaking--wouldn't you know it--Spanish. A guy in a Bob Marley t-shirt immediately appreached me; "Hola."

"Hola," says me. "No hablo espanol."

One of the few things I remember from Spanish class--that, and "Que mala suerte!"--"What bad luck!"

The dress and flower in the hair comes from ICING. The hair, if I remember correctly, is by Ingenue. It's called "Kitten with a Whip" after, I suppose, the Ann-Margret movie.

A little more obviously on Capital Hill. The dress and hair come from the same person as Kitten with a Whip. The shoes I bought at a place in Caledon, the name of the designer escapes me, but the place has lots of nice thinks. The glasses are by ICING, and came in a big pack with both transparent lense and sunglass versions of several frame colours.

"Are there any objections to the bill as presented? . . . I didn't think so!"

The outfit's by Avid (even the shoes). The hair, my favourite on Toubanua, is by Smoka, and is simply called "short hair" or something. I got it one of the big, cluttered, Asian bazaars.

"You've been naughty, too, Madam Speaker!"

Capital Hill is too much fun.

"A deer. A female deer!" Another outfit by Avid.

*Just four days until Lost Highway's released on DVD! The suspense is keen as a needle!
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