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Improper Eating Day

Waffles. At last . . . waffles.

I've wanted waffles every morning for the past week or so, and haven't gotten them due variously to the unavailability of the toaster, or my unavailability to pause for breakfast. But this evening, I did indeed get my waffles.

To-day was a very unwise day of eating for me.

I began at noon, after having been up and about for several hours, by having a piece of toast. Later, at the mall, I at last, firmly decided that I needed to eat. Unfortunately, I also convinced myself that I had no time to wait for a smoothie or a burrito, so right there in Target, I chose two cans of Pringles, a box of Tic-Tacs, and a bottle of Green Tea Sobe. Naturally, by evening time, by stomach was beginning to feel slightly disoriented.

It felt good at around one thirty pm, though, when I was listening to David Bowie's Man Who Sold the World album extremely loud in my car, driving down the sunny street, basking in the sweet air conditioner while shoving those wonderfully non-greasy potato chips into my mouth . . . everything felt right in the world. I wanted to post here about it, but then I actually thought to myself, "Nah, Trisa just posted about being in heaven with a really incredibly groovy little snack . . , gotta be original!"

But of course, I eventually said fuck that . . . and hell, I'm quite happy if I resemble the gorgeous Trisa in any way.

To-day, she introduced me to the astonishing world of Tool music videos (although, sadly, only three of them). And I was made a better person for it.
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