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Noodle Ronin

I stopped doing my thing at around 2:30am when I hit a spot where I was going to have to start thinking about mining again, a subject I'd already covered somewhat with another nation. But last night was a lot of good, solid progress. I also reorganised a lot of the information into a more reader friendly format--putting together a lot of notes into something closer to a long prose narrative.

And the word count? I forget the exact number, but it's just over 10,100. Which at first doesn't seem like much since I've been working on it since December, but then one factors in all the occasions when I had reason to stop working on the thing, all the articles that aren't part of this main narrative, and so on. Well, still, I'd like to be further along.

I think I'll do one of those Progress Reports matociquala does;

Progress for 4/5 April 2008

New words: Dunno. Five hundred? Mostly last night was research. Wish I could find my copy of Plato's Republic.
Deadline: June. I guess.
Reason for stopping: My brain told me to.
Sustenance: Plain oatmeal, microwave pizza, microwave Thai peanut noodles, Peabody Award Winning Spicy Sweet Chilli Doritos, spaghetti noodles onto which I dumped alfredo sauce, coffee, coke, chai tea, absinthe.
Exercise: Walked up the hill to class because I won't buy a parking permit.
Leagues to Lothlorien: 689 (sounds so much better than it would in miles).
Words Word doesn't know: Junglefowl, mouflon.

Looks like I need to read Books 1 and 2 of Paradise Lost before Tuesday as well. These next four days are going to be epic!
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