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Finding the World in the Abyss

One thing I miss about working on Boschen and Nesuko was having very clearly defined workdays. I knew that after doing a page a day--drawing, inking, colouring--I'd done what I needed for my deadline. And after my deadline, I knew I had a couple days off. In the current stage of my new project, though, it's a bit vague. Although I command myself to work until 2 or 2:30am, life too easily undulates, and when I stopped at 1am, I couldn't help feeling slightly guilty, even though I actually got a lot done yesterday.

I wrote a verifiable thousand words on the history, moved some things around, read a lot about nymphs (that certainly didn't feel like work), and finished reading Book 2 of Paradise Lost, which was wonderful. With this myth and history making I'm doing, I doubt I'll ever be able to make a pancake stack of repulsive psychological metaphor as marvellous as Sin.

To-day, there was more noise about the house, but I somehow managed to get seven hours of sleep. I showed up to class about an hour early and wrote in my notebook a large section of history I'd thought of back in December. I tend analyse a lot of my work as I go, and this item was a rather crucial point in what seemed to be one of my big recurring themes on this thing. And I'd actually almost forgotten about it until the natural course of things just led me right back to it to-day.

I'm excited to type it up and expand on it. I still fully intend to write about Lost Highway at some point, but I don't know when I will have time with so much on my plate. I have started taking some screenshots, so here are some icons from the first third or so of the film, for anyone who wants some;

You'll notice there's a focus on Renee. Patricia Arquette really has never looked better.
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