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The Word Count On This Entry is 250! You Know--27 Times 9.2592592592592592592592592592593!

I've downloaded all "Weird Al" Yankovic albums. Lately I'd been missing the ones I sold in high school--he was all I listened to in high school, other than movie soundtracks. The first CD I ever owned was Alapalooza. This may explain why I'm an emotionally stunted person to this day. On the other hand, I loved being a teenager, which is something most people can't say.

There's an incredible amount of information about Yankovic in Wikipedia. In the article for Running with Scissors, I learned that "Yankovic often includes the number 27 somewhere in his songs, videos, album art, and memorabilia. For example, he wears a 27 on the cover of this album, and 27 photos are included in the photo gallery on the "Weird Al" Yankovic Live! DVD. This trademark began as several coincidental appearances of the number, but Yankovic began intentionally using it after the original incidents were pointed out to him." I wonder if this was the inspiration for the lame Joel Schumacher movie no-one saw.

Yesterday I wrote a bit, but stopped an hour early again. I also went to bed an hour early, though, so maybe the ruckus lately is just altering my daily patterns.

I hung out in Second Life a little while. I put together a new look mostly from things I already had--only the pumps are new. I think I like them, but I'm sort of wondering if there's a pair of ankle boots out there that would work better;

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