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Registered for Comic-Con yesterday. Gods, I can't wait. I suppose I ought to've registered even earlier . . . Now, of course, I'm feeling the fire under me even more to get this new comic underway. I think I'm even going to register a new domain name for it.

I lost at chess last night, which, oddly enough, doesn't seem to hurt my pride in the slightest. Maybe I've just grown up more than I think I have. I remember almost losing my grip on sanity when my cousin beat me in Street Fighter 2 when I was a kid. Now I'm honestly just happy to be here. Maybe it was disgust at my own behaviour that has led me to feel such an utter and fundamental contempt for competitiveness.

But then again, the girl I was playing against, Akiko, has a rep for being nigh unbeatable. She got my queen in something she referred to as a "knight fork", which I wouldn't know from a salad fork. As I said to Dragoness the other day, "The illusion of forethought is my specialty."

I didn't watch anything last night. I meant to, but I got sucked into editing a big chunk of my project. I find the greatest difficult in writing 20 words, but surprising ease in turning 20 into 1000. I guess I'm a nester, not a hunter.

Maybe I ought to think of the project as a whole as a nest expanding like a pool of ink. I guess I'd better get to it . . .
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