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Reanimating Charles I

Well, I think I did much better on this mid term than the last one. At least I didn't run out of time in mid-sentence like last time. I was much less ambitious, just basically dryly regurgitating facts. Also, I think part of my problem last time was that I tried to do two drafts. This time, I simply made do with scribbled out words and sentence structures that aren't as polished as I'd like.

I love my computer.

And David Lynch. And puppy dogs, and candy clouds, and tulips. I'm just a love machine. And I love machines.

And I love Caitlin R. Kiernan books. Here; they'll teach you how to love, too*;

Daughter of Hounds



Low Red Moon

Murder of Angels

Tales of Pain and Wonder

I see Caitlin liked Enchanted for reasons similar to mine. As she says, "Amy Adams gives an absolutely toe-curlingly creepy performance as a cartoon princess come to life." Which is true, I think. Giselle actually reminded me of Travis Bickle, like Enchanted could have been a Mulholland Drive-ish fantasy of his.

Speaking of exuberant human hearts that have difficulty functioning in society, I made some icons today from the fourth episode of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei (which I collected into a playlist here when I posted it in February). Other episodes would probably yield better icons. I kind of picked this one at random (the icon with the Japanese characters, by the way, says "The Heartless King");

*Setsuled is misleading you! But they are good books. -- Ultra Director

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