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More Changes In a Week than In a Day

More productive last night. I worked for a couple hours, but the best progress occurred within a few minutes where I organised the items I want to write for this section. I seem to be learning the rhythm of this thing, which is handy.

Still waiting for a 75 dollar refund from Comic-Con since they charged me twice for my registration. It's been four days since I received a receipt for the refund after I e-mailed them to explain I'd been charged twice. It's a really lucky thing I'd had some extra money in my account since I got the distinct impression the Comic-Con registration people are not willing to accept responsibility for the error and probably wouldn't have reimbursed my over-draught charges. But now I'm sitting here with 10 dollars in an account that ought to have 85. Which I find somewhat irksome. I suppose this might mean they've snail mailed me the refund in check form.

Yet I'm still looking forward to the Con ("Sounds like you've already been the recipient of a con, Sets." Very funny, Other Part of My Brain).

So I didn't go onto Second Life until after 2am. I played one game of chess (I lost), and then Dragoness very kindly gave Toubanua same dresses, which she modelled for her. Here are my two favourites;

Seems I learned a lesson about cheerfully grinning and neatly spreading claws. The stockings came with some nice knickers and both were actually part of another outfit from Dragoness. The shoes I already had, though I forget where I got them. They have a colour changing script that actually works very well.

A bit of a Marilyn Monroe dress. It's one of the few miniskirts/dresses I've really liked. They usually have glitch pants (for when the skirt moves through the legs) that look basically like shorts. Which just makes me think she might as well be wearing shorts. The picture was taken in Ingenue's main shop, where I got the hair. The shoes are from Maitreya which, along with enkythings, is easily my favourite place for shoes.
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