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To-morrow and To-morrow and then Something Completely Different

I tried to watch a movie last night, but couldn't because I couldn't get my mind off my project. I really like how the current section's shaping up. I had an incredibly weird idea for it last night that made me giggle out loud. I was all kinds of undignified.

I played two games of chess and lost twice. Then I read Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland before going to sleep. I have absolutely no excuse to be reading this book with all the other books I have that I've never read before. Four or five years ago, I had a pocket sized copy of both Alice books I carried with me everywhere. It's hard to estimate how many times I've read the book. In the past decade, I think the Alice books and The Bell Jar are about the only books I've read multiple times.

Well, actually, I think I read On the Road twice. Which reminds me, I still need to get the new uncensored version . . .

I see I actually have a lot of reading to do for class on Tuesday. I wish I was a faster reader. I mean, one of those fast readers who can actually enjoy what they're reading while they're speeding through it. I guess that's why the bulk of my island of fiction sustenance is television and movies.

I downloaded the newly fan-subbed Code Geass to-day. The episode aired in Japan last night, but I felt slightly impatient when I saw the download was going to take at least a whole twenty five minutes, jeopardising the possibility that I could watch it while eating breakfast. Fortunately, oatmeal takes a long time to eat.

And it was worth the wait--it was probably the best episode since the fifth before last of the first season. Lelouch satisfyingly outsmarted a bunch of people, which is a big part of the fun of the series. And I'm beginning to suspect more and more that one of the characters that went missing at the end of last season got a sex change and is actually one of the new characters of this season. Which is an improvement for this character on so many levels.

For a series that's ostensibly shonen (for boys), I'm noticing more and more shojo (for girls) attributes. Not just pretty guys, but slight hints of homosexual love between them. Either the people running the show have gotten very ambitious about the demographics they want to net, or they're simply pushing the envelope for fun. I like it, in any case. I just hope nothing really stupid happens, like at the end of last season.
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