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Queen Alice

I think it's kind of a miracle I got anything done yesterday. I wrote around 800 words, and I think I only got that much because I'm really excited about the section I'm working on. The narrative temporarily went from text-booky, at arms length ("x travelled to y from z in order to circumvent the edict by x2. 100 years later, b would lead to the recollection of y, but l was now o. This upset q.") to good, old fashioned POV oriented prose ("e sent one of his men off to i the d. But as he did so, he spotted what looked like an o. He tensed, gave a quick glance to his h, wondering if he looked nervous to the younger w. 'Find some j for the a, will you?' he tried to say casually.").

But my sleep was cut short yesterday, and I just didn't feel up to spec. I woke up an hour early for no apparent reason, and then some guys showed up to install a new refrigerator. So I went to Tim's to play Oblivion for a couple hours. But after midnight, I just gave in to Second Life for five hours. I went to see if I could find spacecoyote1981's sculptures--I couldn't, but it was a very nice looking area that spacecoyote1981 had pointed me to. Then I ended up playing strip chess with Dragoness; both she and Toubanua ended up naked, Toubanua a little faster because she was wearing five items to the Dragoness's eight. I won the chess game, but it was a long battle. Afterwards, the two ladies were among, unless I miss my count, seven naked or semi-naked women dancing in a scene extremely reminiscent of The Wicker Man. It was rather nice to be able to show off Toubanua's Fluers skin. Afterwards, there was boot shopping, and eerily floating boot bits.

I finally tore myself away from Second Life (partly it was Dragoness insisting that I at last eat a meal) to have a lunch/dinner mega mix of two bagels with pesto and sun dried tomatoes. This was good.
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