Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Setsuled Pauses from Thinking about Sex 24/7 to Offer a Quote from Stephen Colbert

Okay. Obviously I ought to be working on my paper. And obviously I don't have time to read the three billion volume encyclopaedia of texts spontaneously emerging on lj about the now extremely infamous "Open Source Boob Project" (not about free virtual boob code)(I have a feeling I'm not the first person to make that joke). But hernewshoes has been posting a lot of links to interesting discussions on the topic, and I'm noticing that by and large it's drifting into discussions on how men ought to approach women. And I couldn't help being reminded of a quote from Stephen Colbert's I am America (and So Can You!);

Even though both men and women enjoy sex, they approach it differently. Let's be honest. Men think about sex non-stop, and that's not just a stereotype. It happens on sitcoms and in advertisements all the time.

Women don't feel that way about sex. They prize emotion over physicality. They want a partner who is considerate and attentive, who will spoon them while reciting Keats and feed them organic yoghurt by candlelight on a seaside cliff at sunset.

But here comes the Women's Studies Brigade, railing about how Colbert is reinforcing gender stereotypes. Well, ladies, we have those stereotypes for a reason--a reason I can't remember right now because I'm too busy thinking about sex more than you do. Don't be a knuckle sandwich. The sooner we accept the basic differences between men and women, the sooner we can stop arguing about it and start having sex.
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