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I Just Killed Four Extra Lines in the Tetris of Life

Turns out the paper I thought was due to-day was in fact due Thursday. Not only that, but the reading I thought had to be done to-day had also been not only pushed back, but reduced. So I suddenly find myself way ahead of schedule.

I certainly can't say I mind having read the first three acts of William Congreve's The Way of the World, which I absolutely adored. But I spent so much time reading and working on my paper yesterday, I had absolutely no time to work on my project. So I'm itching to get at it now. So I will.

Incidentally, the thing I find most amusing about the sinister naked back of Miley Cyrus controversy is that no one sees her father's cameo in Mulholland Drive as a breech of this so-called "goodliness" and "godliness" brand. Billy Ray can be in a David Lynch movie as an adulterer, but Miley shows her back and she's the whore of Babylon? Short-sightedness? Double-standards? You'll find every obnoxious ingredient when closely examining this soup.
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