Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

There are Spiders in the Sea with a Taste for Flesh

I didn't actually get a whole lot of work done last night. Being ahead of schedule made me feel like knocking off early and having some fun! So I, er, signed onto Second Life and sorted my inventory. Here's Toubanua as a Japanese school girl;

Then I talked to dadragoness on the phone and she analysed my Marilyn Monroe on a cruise ship dream from Sunday. Let's see what she makes of to-day's;

On a ship again, this time a tanker that'd been converted into a cruise ship. It was night, but the sky was cloudless and the sea was calm. All of the passengers were beautiful teenage girls in white bedclothes who were soon running and screaming through the ship's passageways as some mysterious terror began killing them off, one by one, and also somehow flooded deck after deck. I got up on deck with some girls who were fleeing, and we looked desperately about for some crewmen who could help. There was no illumination on deck; all the lights were off, and I was a little worried about tripping over equipment or running afoul of the beast. But we seemed to be in New York Harbour, and the lights of the buildings surrounded us.

We saw Robert Englund at a vending machine, in a well lit area just under the deck, looking pretty much as he did in the clips from Zombie Strippers I saw on Roeper and Phillips*. He was no help; he just laughed at us. But while we were trying to talk to him, the monster had apparently shown up on deck and was already being restrained by the captain and his men. I had this impression of the captain being a really great man. He looked a little like Joel Hodgson in a thick white turtleneck sweater. The monster turned out to be a giant tarantula and he shot it dead.

*Yes, I'm calling it that already. I must say, though, Michael Phillips is easily the best of all the guest critics and I'm glad they seem to've settled on him.
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