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Bogs of Our Lives

My arms are tired. Why don't the grocery stores open more check stands this time of night? It was like waiting for concert tickets while holding a box of diced onions, a can of pesto, two microwave dinners, a bag of tortillas, a bag of bagels, and a carton of blueberry juice. Except there were no tickets at the end.

Seven hundred words to-day on the project, plus research on walruses and taiga. One of the most interesting things I've stumbled across in research for this thing is Yde Girl. Tell me this image doesn't put the awful distance of centuries under you like an alien glacier;

Last night I came up with a detailed schedule for the month of May. I know what I'm going to be doing every single day of this month, and if I stick to the plan, I'll have finished the first chapter of comic on June 1st. I may wait a week or two before uploading it, though. After Boschen and Nesuko, it seems to me that being one chapter ahead at all times would probably be wise.

I'm debating whether or not to have mithril in my universe. A lot of other fantasy worlds have it since the Tolkien Estate didn't trademark it. What say you?

Should I have mithril in my fantasy world?

You're full of surprises, Mr. Setsuled.
You delve too greedily and too deep.
Here's a ticky thing. Let me see you put it on.
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