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Lucy Can Kick the Damn Football Herself To-day

Short on time to-day again but this time it's because of class.

I dreamt last night that I lived in a shopping mall that'd been converted into a hotel. It kind of reminded me of the Bradbury in Blade Runner except smaller and with drooping moss. At the beginning of the dream, I was just becoming aware of the other tenants being in a panic and I looked out the window to see that the series of narrow hills beside the mall were on fire. And somehow, the fire led to flooding. The main thoroughfare of the mall was soon filled with ten feet of water. There were a couple women in Victorian clothes having a tea party on a raft; I'm pretty sure robyn_ma was one of the women, so I'm presuming listeningowl was the other.

I wanted to get pictures of everything but there was no film in my camera. So I swam down to the floor where I found a completely dry, red and gold hotel lobby. I was going to drive to the desert to get film, but I realised I forgot one of my bags in my room. I woke up while I was on my way back to get it.

I've been so amused by the Miley Cyrus Annie Lebowitz photo controversy (the Onion headline puts it best; "Miley Cyrus Apologises for Breasts") that I actually checked out a Hannah Montana video on YouTube.

So, for those keeping score, this

is sexual while this

is clearly not.
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