Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

The Way of Chiri Kitsu

Last night I wrote around 1,500 words on my project, finishing a big section, and now I'm about 90% done with the history. And I'm keeping to my schedule so far. I'll be done with the history on May 16 if I continue to stick to it. The schedule's relieved so much stress and has made me more productive. I was about halfway through what I was supposed to write last night when I started feeling like I wanted to quit, but I looked at how much I had left to do and convinced myself it wasn't too much, really. I couldn't do that before I had the schedule, and I probably would've quit early without it. What's more, when I finished at 1:30, I felt no guilt about pouring myself some absinthe and logging onto Second Life, fully an hour before I usually allow myself to. Sometimes parameters can set you free.

To-night, I work on maps, which I know I said I was done with, but I thought of a couple more things I need to do. I've been doodling the comic's main characters in class, and I can't wait to concentrate on them properly.

At the grocery store to-day, I saw that the cover of Time had half of Clinton's face and half of Obama's face with the caption, "There can only be one." Immediately I imagined a guy originally coming up with, "There can be only one," and thinking to himself, "I heard that somewhere--I can't remember where--but I'm pretty sure it was very solemn and powerful." And just before the thing was going to print some copy editor looked at it and said, "Are we really quoting the fucking Highlander?!"
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