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What Would You Do if Your Singer was a Whale?

It's interesting to start the day with wine. Wine and coffee. At my mother's house, my coffee was in one room because my thermos apparently didn't suit the table decor, while my glass of wine was on the table, and my brain felt like a yoyo going from room to room. The flavours were certainly interesting together. Now my head feels like helium screeching out of a balloon.

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers out there. I got my mother a candle, which is pretty much what I usually get her as I'm not good at thinking of anything else, and she seems to like them. She, my sister, and I were trying to think of good Mother's Day movies over dinner. My sister thought of Psycho. I thought of Tess of the Storm Country. Afterwards, for some reason my sister wanted to watch a bunch of Disney cartoons on YouTube. We watched the one about Johnny Appleseed, the one about Johnny the lovesick fedora (lots of Johnnys in these), and Willie the Opera Singing Whale. There's something Disney wouldn't have the guts to do nowadays;

I can hardly believe I got caught up with everything last night. The history's moving into an especially savage, extremely strange phase. Having a map for the country with which the comic's primarily concerned has started more wheels spinning in my head, too.

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