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Shaken, but Unstirred

To-day I bought a cocktail shaker and pimento stuffed olives. Yesterday I bought some vodka and dry vermouth. Guess what I'm going to make to-night. I can hardly wait--it's going to be difficult to make myself get some work done first.

It's one of those things that just fell together. I told myself I'd get whatever alcohol was on sale--Absolut vodka was just fifteen dollars, the vermouth was only four, and I got the cocktail shaker with a Target gift card from my birthday. The gods said I shall have vodka martinis, and so I shall. I just now ate one of the olives, which is something else that worked out well; it tasted great! Yes sir, life is good.

Class discussion to-day mainly revolved around John Locke. My fondest John Locke related memory comes from high school, when Ms. Moffet, my history teacher, had the students wear paper masks of seventeenth century British philosophers and debate one another. I wore the Mask of Locke. I had a miserable cold at the time, snivelling constantly, but somehow I argued Locke's points so well that a cute, quiet girl who'd barely spoken to me before was suddenly snuggling my arm. Oh, the mystery of woman. Or girl, in this case. Of course, I'm so dense about these things, I didn't realise this meant she was interested in me until it was too late.

This is a lamentable pattern with me. Girl likes Setsuled, Setsuled doesn't notice, girl moves on, Setsuled notices girl was interested in him, finds he's interested in her, but the opportunity is long gone. I remember as recently as six or seven years ago, a beautiful, wonderfully intelligent French girl gave me her number in a creative writing class. I lost the damn number! But worse than that--I forgot about the number! I mean, a smart, gorgeous girl with a thick French accent! What the hell more could I want? There were other girls like this, too--I could go on. The point is; stay in school.

Things are moving along well with my project. The history will be done on Friday, but don't expect to see it until I upload the comic in June. Although it starts off interesting, if I do say so myself, most of it's actually pretty dry and I'm afraid of turning people off early. Hopefully I'll hook 'em with the comic until they swoon and're wanting to be ravished with the driest volumes of history imaginable. Or maybe I won't upload the history at all. My sense of mischief smiles at that. It's weird when I enjoy being a devil to myself; I worked a third of a year on something no one might read! Ah HAHAHA! Well, it'll be incredibly useful to me at any rate.

Here's something else useful; Wikipedia has an index of articles on the history of western fashion. This, my friends, is a faerie-send, especially as I'll be working on character designs starting Friday.
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