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Who Needs a Perfect Score?

I got a 92 on my King Lear paper. Looks like I might actually pass this class. I could be turning over a new leaf. Sure, I'm only taking one class, and it's a subject I'm interested in, but those are two things that never stopped me from failing before.

To-day, I will finish my fake history I've been working on since December. I couldn't get to sleep until after 7am just for all the gears turning in my head. Since I've been rewriting the first couple chapters in my head all this time, there's been a sort of temporary, ghost history in my head, and part of the challenge was making it meet up with the one I've been writing. I figured finding the right way to do it would be like finding good rhythm in a poem, and I think I finally hit on the key just before going to sleep.

Earlier, I played two games of chess in Second Life, first against a guy named Nite who played me and Akiko at the same time--on two different boards. And he lost both games. I beat him just moments before Akiko did, but I played Akiko next and she, as usual, beat me.

Not much else to talk about right now. Here's a picture I took of Tou in a new green dress, standing in a Crete sim.

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