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Night for Pictures

I did finish the history last night and I celebrated with a tall glass of martini and a few hours in Second Life. So there'll be lots of drawing to-day, and I wanted to stop by Tim's house, so I'm short on time. Fortunately, I last night secured content for to-night's entry.

Showing off, amongst other things, the truly smashing new shoes dadragoness gave her, here's Toubanua pole dancing in dadragoness' Mogor, a land where chess is played and other things also occur.

But first, a little more of Leia's famous metal bikini.

There's dadragoness in the background, also dancing. The dancing animations she has on the poles are truly amazing, as are a lot of the dancing animations she's collected. Every time I think I've seen all of them, something new will happen.

And now, Toubanua dances while smoking, for your pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.

This was from an amazing moment that's not quite captured here where Tou slid down the pole while slowly exhaling smoke rings.


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