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Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart?

I saw Iron Man last night, which was pretty fun. I always get a little weepy at superhero movies these days; this one got me when Iron Man goes and saves some civilians in an Afghani town. And I think; why aren't there Tony Starks out there? Why doesn't Richard Branson make himself a superpowered metal suit and go fight evildoers? I think we all know the idea's occurred to him.

I guess there's danger in thinking this way considering what's happened in Iraq, but I don't think anyone seriously believes the Bush administration had altruistic motives. Motivation is important, as is awareness of what one might or might not accomplish. It doesn't seem remotely strange that Stark doesn't want his suit mass-produced for the United States military. The greatness of an individual's power is too often contrasted with the reality that most powerful people are jerks.

Looking up Short Round on Wikipedia to-day, I learned that he "appeared in the non-canonical crossover story in Star Wars Tales, where he and Indiana discover the remains of Han Solo in the crashed Millennium Falcon in the Pacific Northwest." And I got all sad again. What happened, Han? What strange circumstance sent you to Earth, only to meet your death? Are you Indiana's ancestor, who dwelt for a while on Earth before deciding to die on the Falcon for sentimental reasons? Or did you just get here and die?

What's with me to-day? Hormones? Sheesh.

In lighter news, I see the lead character from Final Fantasy XIII, a woman for the first time since Final Fantasy VI's Terra/Tina*, is going to be named "Lightning". Let the Greased Lighting jokes begin.

*Final Fantasy VI is actually the last in the series not to feature a lead character in the manner of the games that followed, but you start out using Terra, so I kind of look at her as the lead.

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