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Expressive Gnomes

I saw some over-acting this evening. Did you?

This was Mr. Pericles, who seemed bent, as Trisa observed, on receiving an Oscar despite the fact that he was appearing on television in this performance. He was aimin' for the stars, baby!

Ugh. I almost read nothing to-day. Just some of The Annotated Alice in the morning and some of “Pericles” later. I only wrote like three paragraphs in my novel to-day, and that was in class, on the sly (in black ink, mates).

Trisa was gonna sell me a college parking permit to-day, only her maid cleverly hide the thing somewhere in this world. Can you, the reader, see where she's hid it from where you are? The odds are equal wherever you may be . . .

'Twas prolly as well since I realised, with no small amount of embarrassment, that I prolly could not afford the requisite thirty dollars. I've said it before and I'll say it again--I need a job. But I have to admit, I have greatly enjoyed being unemployed.

If you look at the journal of either Trisa or Cryptess right now, you'll find that these two very important girls in my life are undergoing . . . some distress. In fact, I think it's official now--I'm the only happy person I know.

Yay! I'm a freak!

Now I feel like stepping outside, climbing a rope ladder on the side of the house, to the roof airstrip where a little cartoon aeroplane awaits, crawling in, pulling my knees up to my chin in order to fit, and putt-putt-putting my way into the night skies to dogfight with nose gnomes.

If you believe I ought to do this, post here with a "~" in the title.

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