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"Time" "Wounds All Heals"

I've drawn the first two pages of comic. Fucking gruelling, especially yesterday, when I suddenly realised I needed a bunch of visual references for medieval castles. Google image searches were helpful, but I also took some screen shots from The Adventures of Robin Hood and La Belle et la Bete. Boy, that latter movie makes for some great screenshots, especially the ones that happen to include Josette Day.

It seems like working on Boschen and Nesuko was a lot less stressful. But maybe I'm just edgy because of how unexpectedly long Kim, Kimberly, and the Snake took. Hopefully my new colouring technique has rectified this and I won't have to live like a monk. I signed onto Second Life last night, even though I hadn't finished colouring the first page, figuring it'd be easy to finish to-day along with the second page. That's the old Boschen and Nesuko thinking; no matter what, colouring is easy. No reason to stress over it. Hopefully I can get back to that way of thinking or this project's just going to be torture.
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