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The Phoenix Finally Awoke, but She was On Mars

I'm awake now, bright and early at 3pm. Gods, the world exists at this time? Blegh. Ugh. I suppose I need to start flipping my schedule for Comic-Con, huh? I listened to a story on NPR a couple nights ago about E. coli flipping pancakes . . .

I'm up early because I'm going to my parents house where there's going to be a barbeque for my sister's boyfriend. Fortunately, my comic is so far on schedule and to-night's page looks like it's going to be easy. However bad it gets, I can look back at some of the most difficult Boschen and Nesuko chapters and know I got through them somehow. Just chapter 2 was a bog.

Last night I dreamt I was exploring a partially submerged land and city formally occupied by someone I suspected did not want to see me. I was there with Scrooge McDuck and his nephews. I returned without incident, but an Argonian hired me to kill a man in charge of a nomad tribe of warriors living on the bottom of the ocean near the same area. I started making my way back, but a building I was cutting through turned out to be a cruise ship, and it started moving before I could get off of it. I woke up before I could dive into the water as I planned.

You've probably already heard about this. But there it is again. My icon is an actual picture from an anime Mars.
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