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Dry Dream

Last night brought what was, for me, a rather uncharacteristic dream.

I was at Magious's house, in his room. The place was a mess as usual, with furniture, magazines, electronic equipment and toys from throughout Magious's (and mine--yes, some of that junk is mine) life.

He was playing Soul Calibre on the Dreamcast. I was against the wall, lying on some junk, for some reason, only wearing my underwear. It was the exact underwear I'd gone to sleep in, too; a pair of black boxer-briefs.

After awhile, I detected the sounds of a vehement verbal argument between female voices breaking out in the other room.

"What's that all about?" I asked Magious.

"Oh, that's Ashley," he said, sounding as if that name came sour on his tongue, "She's always coming over here, trying to get me to sleep with her. It's really annoying,"

"Huh," said I, and I said no more. I was feeling very lazy.

Magious has a number of large, height-of-a-seven-year-old-child speakers in his room, and I was lying right beside one as it thumped out the bass from Soul Calibre.

Finally this girl entered the room. She was a skinny, kinna dark skinned brunette. She sauntered about the room, talking animatedly with words I cannot recall as Magious steadfastedly went on playing Soul Calibre and I idly examined her. I think she was wearing a beige top of some kind. Actually, come to think of it, she was very much a sort of mishmash of the things I associate with the name Ashley. I've never actually known an Ashley, you see, so she was essentially a figment of my inferential imagination. I think it's also important to note that she was not at all my "type", and that (as the reader's bound to be asking this question) this was not a wet dream.

She eventually sat down on Magious's computer chair, slouching deep into it, and leaning it back--Magious, in his stoic Dreamcast trance, was now sitting between us as she and I engaged in a conversation I only remember snatches of.

"I'm so broke," she said at one point, "I could never afford this many toys,"

At another point, as I'd noticed that she was eyeing my almost completely bare body, I joked, "Around here, they call me Naked Man," which, as I recall, did not provoke much laughter.

At one point she did walk over to, I think, touch my neck. When she returned to her seat, I realised she'd taken her clothes off--I didn't see her do it, she was just naked all of a sudden.

As Magious remained with steely concentration on his game, I crawled over to her and began fondling her. I think I bit her neck.

I don't remember much else, except that at one point someone handed me a check for $978.40 which I did not realise was a part of my dream until I was brushing my hair later this morning and was mentally checking how much money I have right now. I was forced, with disappointment, to remove the $978.40 from my inventory.
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