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Who Knows What Breakfast Lurks in the Stomach of Setsuled? The Shadow Knows . . .*

Running a bit late to-day for errands I had to run--sometimes I really do wish I didn't have to eat. It's a raw deal, really, especially when you consider how much time and money it takes to eat healthily.

To-night I draw the last page of the first chapter. I'm still a little behind on colouring, but I've realised the real beauty of staying one chapter ahead is that I essentially have two weeks to catch up, several days of which aren't even reserved for the next chapter. By the way, I've moved up my launch date from June 15 to June 13--not only because it's Friday the 13!!! but also because I found myself feeling behind at times even when I wasn't because I started one day later in the week than I usually started Boschen and Nesuko chapters.

I started reading what I think was the beginning of Shadow Unit. I'm still not entirely clear on what it is, exactly, but hernewshoes has been excited about it lately and I see it's co-written by Elizabeth Bear, whose blog I read from time to time, even though I've yet to read one of her books. Whatever Shadow Unit is, what I did read is well written and nicely absorbing. Looks like people doing good, hard work for donations, so check it out if you can.

Anyway, I'd better get to it . . .

*Answer: John Bender

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