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The Box is Gold

I did draw and ink the last page of chapter 1 yesterday. I still have two pages to colour--this thing'll be online on June 13.

Last night I dreamt my computer turned into the one I used when I was a kid, with a 286 processor and a vga monitor. I remembered how much fun I used to have editing character icons with the sixteen colour options in Death Knights of Krynn. I actually have that game somewhere on the hard drive, but it seems silly to play it now when I only just recently got bored with Baldur's Gate 2 . . .

Also in my dream, in my room, were a giant lizard, two kittens, and a mouse.

Had one of my regular nights of rum and chess last night. I won against dadragoness, then lost against some guy I'd just met. I blame it on his knight and his running commentary in the voice chat that went something like, "Oh that's what you're going I see if you ah, and then a check, but no, I go over do de do de do want to keep your castle I don't that's great but then oh that's a really bad move hmm check."
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