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Covered with blood, and giggling

Just finished watching Texas Chainsaw, and I must say it was mostly an enjoyable experience.

The annoying guy in the wheelchair got hacked up. The annoying guy with glasses got his skull bashed in. The annoying Default Guy got chopped to bits. The annoying girl with the beautifully bare back, who never did get topless *sigh*, cleverly got a meat hook through that selfsame back, and the nondescript not-particularly-annoying-yet-not-particluarly-likeable-either-other-than-for-the-fact-that-she-was-cute girl survived. Well, I guess I did kinna like her for her crazed laugh of triumph, even as she was covered with blood.

Now, I think we're all familiar with the convention in horror movies of slightly unrealistic snags that the protagonists encounter--such as the car that doesn't start until the absolute last minute, or runs out of gas at just the worst time, stranding our heroes. Or the need for the pretty, defenceless girl to venture into the obviously deadly jaws of the creepy room/cave/house simply because she's curious.

These things always annoy me. I know, we're supposed to overlook them, kinna, and get caught up in the suspense. But I'm sorry, I'm afraid my suspension of disbelief is just too delicate. Especially in light of the fact that I know it perfectly possible to write something both perfectly plausible and scary.

As it happened, there was only one such occurrence in this movie; the prolonged chase scene about halfway through the movie--Leatherface chasing Sally.

Any rational person can see that Leatherface is no championship runner, and that Sally's in pretty damn fine shape, and there's absolutely no reason why she could not outrun and lose him.

Otherwise . . . there's absolutely no shenanigans in this film that seem inconceivable. Particularly given that it took place in Texas.


To-day I watched a squirrel tapping at the sliding glass door to the back yard. I could swear he wanted let in. He came back twice. I was almost a little surprised when ran away upon my finally opening the door.

The little fellow succeeded in distracting me from watching the beginning of Office Space, but that's prolly just as well. It seems like it might actually be a pretty good movie, and I didn't wanna get suckered into watching it censored.

Shutting off the television, I made a journal entry, and left the house.

I slept 'til 1pm to-day, which explains, I suppose why I'm so perky even now.

1pm's my maximum. After that, auxiliary power automatically kicks in, and the "Power of Christ compels me!!" (or something like that).

Had an efficient hang out session with Trisa, during which I was granted opportunity to glimpse pretty visions of her destined for ritualistic mutilations.

Hey, if you know someone who's gorgeous, and you've told them so many times that they're gorgeous that your words lose their meaning . . . how do you tell them they're gorgeous again? I suppose I've used It up, whatever It was . . . oh well.

After Trisa, I went to Magious's where I played Morrowind until almost 1am.

While I was in Morrowind, Magious was avidly engaged in Final Fantasy V . . . it's comforting to see those little sprites, it really is . . . and the old, traditional Final Fantasy musics . . . *sigh* it takes me back . . .
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