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Shore Leave

Her Majesty, Queen Toubanua of New Easter Island

I suppose I ought to've mentioned already that I got an A in my British Literature class. Pretty good considering I'm usually happy to settle for a passing grade. Of course, this only raises my overall GPA to 2.5. Maybe when I'm 90 . . .

Primarily I took the class to help get myself in the right headspace for my new comic as well as getting in some peripheral research. Lately I've been watching Excalibur and The Adventures of Robin Hood to get in touch with the kid in me who likes the junk food side of medieval fantasy, which helps. I was big into Robin Hood when I was a kid, as well as many things middle ages. Plumbing the depths of my personality helps me feel intimate with the environment.

Last night was chess and rum, though lately I've been drinking gin martinis. I have a big jug of gin now . . . Anyone know how long vermouth keeps, by the way? And does refrigeration help?

I have to go by some pens now. I keep trying to stock up on art supplies and food so I won't have to leave the house for days but little things I need keep cropping up. I'll leave you with images of a place dadragoness and I were hanging out in last night;


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