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Low Expectations

I don't feel like I have much to say to-day, though I have a lot more time than usual. I wrote a script for Venia's Travels earlier that kind of took a lot out of me. But otherwise, there's not much on my plate to-day. Maybe I'll finally get around to dusting and vacuuming my room. Maybe I'll finally watch the copy of Splash I bought months ago but haven't even opened yet. It was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid.

So many things I've seen to-day are making me feel sick. I guess that's pretty vague. I guess it just seems like piles of thorns conglomerating into pig houses. Well, that was even more vague. Maybe I'll go for a walk . . .

Fast Orbits

No good glimpse of grace was more real than light
Space floats from cigarettes grey and mouldy
Trees past your eyes in your unending flight
Fingers long, far feeling, and unwieldy
Shake and flutter round your sore, empty hand
Buttons on the straight jacket of the world
Are the people you thought that you loved and
People you thought you hated when they told
You they felt as though they loved you and took
You to a place where you could not be sure
Life's not more real than light you once mistook
For warmth, good gifts and an abiding cure
I will wait here since I cannot escape
While gravity curves your flight for earth's shape

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