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Nightcrawler Makes Lunch for Xavier

I had a really interesting dream last night I'm trying to remember . . . I know it had something to do with teleportation and maybe invisibility . . . Nope, can't remember.

Last night was the first night in months I wasn't able to find anyone to play chess with me. I gave up on Second Life at around 1am and started watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but I'd had too much martini to really appreciate a movie. Even that movie. Alcohol and movies just don't seem to mix for me. So I went back into Second Life and ended up hanging out with rmg. We met someone who pointed me to a really cool Second Life art exhibition, where I spent a few minutes after rmg logged off. I failed to take any pictures, though.

I'd better get to my comic. I recommend buying Caitlin R. Kiernan books and things;

Daughter of Hounds



Low Red Moon

Murder of Angels

Tales of Pain and Wonder

Sirenia Digest
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