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Do You Always Know the Reasons You Do the Things You Do?

I'm running a bit behind to-day.

I'm wondering if there's a better DVD of North by Northwest than what I have. The sound is all kinds of fucked on it--the centre channel seems permanently buried and I can't seem to pull it out of the swamp no matter how I adjust things.

I played a very late, very close game of chess with dadragoness last night. I watched the new Code Geass, as well as the new Slayers, which I had to watch without subtitles because the fansub group that'd been working on it has apparently abandoned it. I somehow managed to understand the episode from my familiarity with the series and my limited knowledge of Japanese. Oddly enough, I found myself laughing more than I had at most of the rest of the new season, maybe because the visual humour of the episode had to do with almost completely unrestrained, yet understated, anachronisms--what looks roughly like a galleon on the outside, features modern day chandelier dining rooms and a Japanese bath house on the inside. I think a lot of people might assume the writers and artists are just lazy, but his level of inaccuracy can't be accidental. I suppose it fits well with the Dungeons and Dragons parody that comprises the bulk of the series, since Dungeons and Dragons does have a tendency to play fast and loose with that sort of thing.

Well, I better get back at the drawing.

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