Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Enjoy Running from Reality, Much? Fuckers

What's with all the racist women at the Democratic convention? I have a strong feeling the main reason they're all Clinton supporters is because they see in her and Terry McAuliffe their own frenzied gazes and mousetrap jaws. I saw this video on Huffington Post to-day;

It's true, these two women are full of shit, but Matthews probably also ought to've made a point of asking them what makes Muslims inferior to Christians, anyway.

To-morrow's jury duty so I'm going to try to get to sleep at 11pm. I sincerely doubt it'll work. I have to get up at 6am in any case. I started working on the script for Chapter 8 last night and I'll finish it to-night, even though I haven't finished colouring Chapter 7. I know I can colour sleep deprived, but I need to be rested to write properly.

So far I've done a bit of research to-day and only added a little to what I wrote last night. But I've been getting a lot of ideas I'm hopeful about.

Well, I'd better get back to it.
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