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Elusive action

At least one of my aunt's mysterious and shy cats (which number, I have learned, four!) has begun to feel comfortable around me. She allowed me to pet her a great deal whilst my aunt and I watched Mulholland Drive.

I'm so pleased to say that my aunt liked that movie. I got scared when she asked me where Betty had gotten the blue box from, and when the only reply I was willing to give was, "Her purse," my aunt complained, "This movie makes no sense,"

But in the end, my aunt did get it, and recognised the film as being brilliant.

Also to-day, unsure as to whether I was to drive Trisa to school to-day, and unable to reach her by phone, I waited outside her house until 4:40, at which time I assumed she wasn't coming, so I left. I teenage girl who I didn't recognise flipped me off as I left, and, to my chagrin, I spotted Trisa's brother at the end of the street and he, in turn, spotted me, which basically means I now look like a creep who's been hanging about Trisa's uninvited.


Feeling a big lust for a good game to play on this computer, a lust that grows stronger with each game that doesn't work.

Earlier to-day, I did manage to install TIE Fighter, and was incredibly surprised when it worked. With only one problem;

It does not recognise me joystick.

I pulled that joystick out of the dusts of a closet, from whence it has not been retrieved since my obsession with TIE Fighter . . . jeez, must have been four years ago at least.

Just seeing the game in action . . . the menus and sound effects . . . holding the joystick . . . all these things brought back to me how much I had dearly loved that game. To this day, I still think it's a damned accurate simulation of actually flying for the Empire.
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