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Our directions

To-night was a flushed anti-Christ and a ditched Pericles. Not to mention a very pretty Trisa.

Now I'm hungry/not-hungry. My stomach can't decide which. I gave it a grill cheese sandwich earlier when Trisa and I ended up at In and Out Burger (the fast food franchise based on the little known Kevin Kline movie)(or not)(actually it's owned by Mormons. Scary stuff, but good food), so it really has no right to complain.

Kicked about in a FAMILY: Christian Bookstore to-day. Always a sobering experience. Not to mention a delightful, rollicking romp through squishy decadent hypocrisy!

Guess what's the latest fad for the bible-crazy teen in your household? You guessed it--stylish bible-carrying cases!!! Get it fast, because this trendy, er, trend, is like as not to be gone as goodness before the kingdom comes! BANZAI!!


I just realised how busy I was to-day.

I met with an old co-worker at a difficult to park at Starbucks near SDSU at eleven o'clock. I mentioned this co-worker, Hina, in a previous entry about a job she might have for me at a library in Escondido.

Well, turns out the job's actually in Chula Vista, which is kind of in the opposite direction from Escondido. Now I'm wrestling with myself, trying to decide whether I'm willing to work in Chula Vista. Finding the answer is basically "No", I'm wondering how much it'll hurt if I have to force myself to take it.

So. Deciding meeting Hina was enough work for one day, I next went to Magious's. He and I went on an adventure that took us from the delights of Parkway Plaza mall, to the deepest darkness that is Home Depot.

As I explained to Magious, I cannot survive long in the atmosphere of Home Depot. The place has too much of an air of usefulness--so much so that it makes itself the antithesis of me. I cannot truly exist in pure form in there. And anyone who worships me suffers a -4 penalty to attacks while inside Home Depots.

But Magious was determined to find a proper piece of wood to hold his monitor. He didn't find it.

Instead, he found a much more useful plastic monitor stand at Best Buy.

As per my usual routine upon loitering about a Best Buy, I fiddled about the demo computers, opening Notepad in them to write little messages and leave them onscreen. Such as the one I wrote, quite appropriately, on an e-machine;

"The truth is . . . I am not a worthy computer.

"I will fail you,"

I wondered if anyone ever sees my messages. It made me giggle gleefully to think of it.

Back at Magious's house I played (guess!) Morrowind.

Finally came the charming misadventures of Trisa and Setsuled and their quest for the Old Globe Theatre to see roughly an hour of Pericles (the high point of which was, for me, the costumes--particularly the one whose neck dipped low enough for me to take in a full view of a young lady's dangling breasts).

Poor Trisa was feeling slightly under-the-weather, but fortunately I was able to quickly take the poor dear to a Barnes & Noble rather quickly.

The atmosphere of books perked her up a bit and I got to enjoy watching her little lips speaking at me from above her little delicate chin . . . and her hair . . .

Ack, I'd better stop.

Now, I think, the moment calls for Mr. Sherlock Holmes!
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