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Satellites Puke Hearts on the Roof

Sheesh, time sure got away from me to-day. Most of it has so far been spent working on the script for Chapter 9, and I've only written half of it. For both 8 and 9 I've gone back to a technique I used to use on Boschen and Nesuko, where I'd write the first part of a script by hand at a Starbucks or something, then come back and edit it as I type and write the conclusion based on what the first part suggests to me. I'm already wondering if I can fit everything I want in 9, or if some of it will have to spill over into 10.

I completely meant to catch the season premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, but I just lifted my head out of the script to see that it's 8:20 already. Oh, well. Guess I'll watch it online as I did the entire first season. Now that I watch The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Keith Olbermann online, usually while colouring at the same time, I never actually catch any show at its scheduled broadcast time. The clockwork of the world has taken the mustard.

Speaking of Olbermann, here's an interesting article about Olbermann and Chris Matthews being demoted from anchor positions during the ridiculous marathon coverages. Earlier to-day, the article pointed to Olbermann's reaction to the RNC's 9/11 necrophiliac wankfest video as being the primary cause of his demotion, but the article's since been altered to say merely that Olbermann was "criticized for his remarks after a Republican video tribute remembering the attacks of September 11."

Uh huh. Olbermann apologised to viewers for the showing of graphic images that might be upsetting to people like him, who'd lost friends on 9/11, especially as the images were being used to promote the campaign of a presidential candidate. I suppose the GOP shall be placated when anchors avoid commenting on their practice of giddily painting their faces with the blood of innocent people in the interest of impartiality. Why don't we just have tickers anchor these things?

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