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The Bottom of an Ocean of Heavy Vomit

I just found out someone I played chess with regularly in Second Life is a paedophile who was engaging in simulated sexual practices in Second Life with his eight year old daughter. The place where I play chess, Mogor, is a BDSM club, but I've never been interested in the sexual culture of Second Life as I find it completely unexciting. I don't have anything against people who like sex in Second Life, in fact my friend, Dragoness, is in charge of Mogor. But I've always been there just for the chess and the conversation.

This revelation sickens me. I'm not someone who feels that paedophiles should be treated as inhuman or irredeemable. But the fact that this grown man behaves so irresponsibly with his child, well. I guess it's to-day's reason to feel sick about the commonality of insensitive and selfish humans. He always did seem somewhat insensitive, but then, he never talked very much. He was a very good chess player.

I had more to talk about to-day, but I can't muster the energy right now. I'll get back to work . . .

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