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Just watched an episode of Saturday Night Live from the early nineties that I'd never seen before. Two things that were apparent at the beginning excited me; One was that it was hosted by Kyle MacLachlan. Since this was during Twin Peaks's run, there was very likely to be some Twin Peaks spoofs--and as you might be able to discern, I'm something of a David Lynch fan.

The other exciting thing was that Sinead O'Conner was the musical guest, and upon noticing this, my hopes were immediately raised that this might be the historic ripping-up-the-pope's-pic episode. Alas, no, 'twas merely routine Sinead hoppings about.

Hm. My eyelids feel squishy. But I don't wanna sleep because I've a new soundcard . . . But sleep does sound fun too . . . what to do!?

When I came home to-night I found, rather alarmingly, that of the four online journals I regularly read, none have been updated.

I feel so alone! I'll bash on though. I tell ya--for I am the Warrior of Christmas and so long as I'm around, LJ shall never die!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAADUKEN!!!
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