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I think I'd better . . . huh?

Lots of people in the house this morning, just outside the door.

I think the inventory included two of my aunts (one is Japanese and the other is very loud), one of my cousins, and my grandmother.

I'm a little scared to open my door, but hunger is starting to gnaw at me something fierce so I may soon find myself forced to muster some of my precious courage.

To-day I think I shall go to Magious's house and see if he'll let me play a bit of Morrowind. I'd like to see Trisa, but I think she's busy studying all weekend for some big wompem anatomy test. Maybe I'll call her anyway . . .

Maybe I'll see a movie. Maybe I'll go to UTC. Blimey, the world seems so big and full when you're afraid to step out of your door!

Oop--Trisa just paged me . . .
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