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Ah. Nothing like a pot heavy with coffee.

I've almost finished restoring my computer to pre-virus condition. Though, of course, there are a lot of things that're just lost forever. On the other hand, I found a disk on which I apparently backed up all my mp3s last year, my old mp3 collection I had for years but haven't heard since last September. I suppose I mightn't have missed the disk last year if I'd have labelled it instead of drawing all over it;

Sometimes my own sense of mischief really does work against me. I still need to get Microsoft Word from Tim, so I'm flying without spellcheck now. It's sort of libbarreightine.

I see pictures from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland have been released. Looks like he's got an eighteen year old playing Alice. I'm not particularly excited about that. I sure hope there's a point to it. Is in, to perhaps explore a slightly more mature Alice story. There have, of course, been Alice in Wonderland pornos already. But I do like Tim Burton, so maybe I'll just have faith he has something cooking.
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